Drivers who drive manual transmissions are less likely to run stop signs, and are more likely to come to complete stops, versus those who drive automatics and tend to roll stop signs.

Hear me out. I drive both, but more often manual. And I think it all comes down to the dance we do: Left foot clutch in, either in neutral or rowing down through the gears (a lot of cars don’t like being in 1st unless you’re nearly stopped).

So in order to go into 1st gear, right foot off the brake and let out the clutch smoothly with the left, it is just naturally easier to do so at a COMPLETE STOP.

In an auto, you brake, slow down, and just move your right foot over to the gas and roll that bitch.


Am I on to something here? Or is it just me that’s noticed this due to my own driving habits.

And by that I mean that: Yes, I find myself rolling more stops when driving auto versus manual.