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Odd ND MX-5 Miata Facts

Digging through the “Spec Deck” I found some interesting bits and bobs I thought I’d share as I know you’d find them as interesting as I did.

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  • Induction Sound Enhancer (MT only) Club and Grand Touring only. (Pretty sure its that sound tube thingamabobby, so if you don’t want intake sound piped into the cabin, buy a Sport.
  • LED headlamps STANDARD
  • Mazda Advanced keyless entry (std on AT; opt on MT)
  • Fuel lid lock connected to door locks STANDARD
  • Sport tuned suspension with Bilstein dampers (MT only) CLUB ONLY
  • Limited slip differential (MT only) CLUB ONLY
  • LED daytime running lights Club and Grand Touring versus Halogen DRLs on the Sport
  • Front air dam (port installation) Rear lip spoiler (port installation) CLUB model (basically, they tack them on when they get to the US port. Kinda odd, IMHO
  • Wiper: Design Blade ilo (In lieu of) Tournament (Sounds special) Club and Grand Touring only
  • USB audio inputs (2) Club and GT, Sport only gets ONE USB :(

Of note: Headrest speakers are driver’s seat only on Sport, Club and GT get Bose speakers with a sub and BOTH seats get headrest speakers.


Brembo/BBS package only available on Club.

Accessories of note:

  • Front Strut Tower Brace
  • Lower Arm Bar (Mazdaspeed Branded)
  • Oil Filler Cap (Red Anodized w/ MX-5 Logo)
  • Tunnel Under Bars (Mazdaspeed Branded)
  • Door Center Trim (Alcantara material)
  • Instrument Panel / Lower Panel (Alcantara material)
  • Gearshift Knob (Aluminum / Carbon Fiber)

I for one am happy to see some Mazdaspeed accessories being made....

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