Odd Odyssey Idle (Update)

I’ve been having issues with a small surge at idle for some time. This morning, it was icy and about 25 degrees here in Austin. Took my boys to school, and this is what the van was doing when I parked it back in the driveway. Engine was fully warm, having driven for about 40 minutes. Heat/defrost was on. I went back out to see if it would stop when I put the van in gear, but when I started it up it idled perfectly. I’ve had issues like this but on a much smaller scale before. Usually, turning off the AC would make it stop.


I’ve done a bit of reading, and all signs point to the idle air control valve (IAC) that either needs cleaning or replacing. This is most likely something that I do not want to tackle myself.

Update: I went to pick up my son from school this afternoon, and on the way home I get a CEL and a TCS light. In the Oddy, that usually means transmission. Great. While the van was shifting up fine, it seemed to stutter when I let off the gas. When I got home, I shut it off and plugged my scanner. After restarting, the TCS light was off, and it was giving me a PO505, which is for the IAC. Makes sense. But would that be causing stutter off acceleration?

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