Hi all,

This is a request for assistance or suggestions on a very boring and stupid topic.

The Drivers’ side sunvisor in my 2009 Accent. The passenger side sunvisor works fine. Please excuse the crumminess of the following description as it’s not easy to explain, so hopefully this makes sense.

Long story short, I have no idea why, even after taking it apart several times now, but I can’t adjust it to where you want it and have it stay. It’s been like this since I bought the car. It will adjust properly on the angle from the stored position to straight up and down. Something in it is spring loaded so it will ‘snap’ back up into place when you fold it away to the ‘stored’ position, but this spring-loadedness ALSO works when folding it open towards the windscreen - this is the issue.

The issue is that the “spring-ness’ catches FAR before it should when folding it open toward the windshield and from a little past straight up and down toward the windshield, the ‘spring-ness’ catches and just flips it maximum open....I can’t adjust it to anywhere in between to block the sun, it just springs to the fully open position. As mentioned, the passenger side visor is fine.

Video demonstration here.


So....two options. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this issue? Or, barring that, is there an Oppo that would be willing to get one at a local Pick-and-Pull and ship it to me? All the replacements I find online are either new and like $35-45 CAD plus shipping. All the used ones online seem to be at least the same price. There is only one pick and pull yard near me and it’s an hour away and they want like $30-something CAD plus tax for interior trim pieces...kind of ridiculous I think. for such a simple trim piece...pity they are so necessary.

I know some of you American Oppos have some ridiculously good prices at local pick and pull yards. If somebody wouldn’t mind picking one up for me, and if prices weren’t too high for shipping, I’d gladly pay you back if somebody could mail me one, haha.

No worries if nobody can’t, but it would save me some uneccesary money on something a bit trivial, yet useful!

Cheers! :)

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