I love the current generation of Range Rover quite a lot. However, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, I have a slight preference towards the facelifted 2010-2012 L322 Rover, with its boxy upright styling. It’s just a tiny bit more rugged and dignified. Fortunately, at least one dealer is doing me the courtesy of holding onto a brand new 2012 Range Rover HSE, with just 32 original miles. I doubt this thing was so much as a dealer demo, because even those rack up 3200 miles.

Now I’ll admit, for ninety grand, it had better be a fully loaded Autobiography model, or at least the Supercharged model. Alas, this one is a base model with a paltry 370 horsepower V8 that is probably barely enough to lug it up the steep winding drive to your country estate. It is, without a doubt, hilariously overpriced. I would much rather buy a clean Supercharged example with nearly 1000x more miles for thirty six thousand dollars less. Still, it’s kind of neat.