Oddball CL Find of the Day

check this thing out. Is a 4 door, 4 seat, hatchback, “trike” with the two wheels on the wrong end. And this wasn’t built in 1975, but rather 2012! and sold legally in the US.

It looks to be rear engined so that should help a bit with stability. Seller claims 60MPG and the “car” has less than 3,000 miles on it. I like it, but I’m calling Cp on it, and hella Cp on the original MSPR of 8,000.


look at that center mounted headlights. SO CUTE. also it seems a bit silly that a car this narrow has two windshield wipers.

the interoir is very basic as you’d expect.


Would i want to take it for a spin. Hell ya! would i pay 4 grand for it HELL NAH.

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