Thanks to a new (to me) mechanic, I now have a new starter and my accessory circuit is now (mostly) fixed, which means that my Jeep might reliably start for a while (or maybe not, the problem was highly erratic) and I now have some interior lights and my mirror auto-dims and displays direction/temperature. Such excite.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, I no longer have an odometer (the cluster displays 888888, which everyone tells me is a major hassle to fix) so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the restoration of my ODBII port so I could find out my current mileage.

When he scanned it today, it reported 180k, which is 6000 miles fewer than last time my odometer worked and 10000 miles fewer than my current estimate based on my typical fuel mileage numbers.


In fact, almost precisely 10k miles fewer.

Regrettably I don’t have any idea what the port was reporting before that circuit fried itself.

Anyone have any idea why the OBDII port and (hypothetical) odometer would be in such strong disagreement? 


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