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Of accidents, pork jerky, and business happenings

Yesterday I attended Haute Dokimazo. It’s a cool unconference that was hosted at SF Wine Works for people who are/have been in charge of putting on corporate events/marketing. It was a super cool format where you immediately got dropped into a family style meal with strangers for a half hour before nominating (and voting on) discussion group topics. Then while someone gave a short keynote, the organizers tallied the votes, contacted the nominees via text, and put the schedule up on a big projector. There were then 3 time blocks with 5 sessions in each so you could choose your own adventure - followed by fancy finger food and drinks. I had a surprisingly good time and learned a lot. Increased my LinkedIn network by 5 solid people. Good times. (I am also getting close to signing my second client for my PR firm and as of today have a meeting mid-month about taking on additional work from a creative agency in the city).

However, on the way home, things got interesting.

I was sitting in traffic, in the Miata, minding my own business, when the F150 in front of me decided it would back up... right into me. There was only about a foot of room and there wasn’t even time for me to hit the horn. It was straight from “oh Fffff” to *crunch*.


There wasn’t a safe spot to pull over and it was not going to make any friends to stop traffic at the entrance to the Bay Bridge. The F150 made an illegal U-Turn to say “you good?!” as if I could call upon an out-of-body experience to divine whether my bumper was damaged. I got his phone number, made sure it was valid, and kept going. When I got home, found that the crunch sound was just the California mandated front plate all wadded up, so I texted him to say “you’re good”.

But here’s what I took away from this whole thing: 1) Whoever optioned an F150 of this generation without a backup camera / sensor should be banished to northeastern Europe to spend all of eternity dealing with insurance fraud without the use of a dashcam. 2) Drive a shitbox - it will halve the raise in your blood pressure when this eventually happens. 3) I now really want to design my own front bumper for when I restore the Miata but then I’ll need a new shitbox.


This finally brings me to pork jerky. Watch this video and tell me it doesn’t make you want to sit around in the sun and eat jerky and drink tea. Bak Kwa is SUPER popular in Singapore and was the culinary highlight of my trip there a few years ago. Honestly, you don’t have to have the fish/oyster/red bean sauce to make this. Substitute to your heart’s content, but definitely give this a try. I know what I’m doing this weekend... eating pork jerky and plotting the future of the Miata.

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