Went to go test drive a 300zx, after looking it over, I hopped in to drive off. I was a little nervous, and didn’t want to give it too much gas on the gravel driveway. Killed it twice, salesperson approached and asked if I had ever driven a manual (I have once for 10 minutes and I only killed it once at first, and then once at my first stop but then had no problem). Then with her standing outside the window feet from me, staring at me, I killed it again and she encouraged me to get someone to spend a little more time with me driving a manual.

I’ve already been so down lately. But this hurts mostly because it dawned on me that I don’t know anybody well enough to admit this story too, let alone someone with a manual car who I could admit this story to and then get help in learning how to drive a manual,

Ugghhh. So I figured I would post it on the Internet,