Was trying to get my brake booster off before the rain, failed miserably. found a local place to rebuild it, seems ok but the dude running the place is a bit impatient.

Got mucho parts in:

Replacing lines, hoses, bearings, seals, the rear brake cylinders, and all the various clips and springs for the drums. Rebuilt brake booster and new master cylinder.

Some other stuff:

Everywhere tells how to bleed and flush brakes. Nowhere gives instructions on how to completely drain the system properly. This is notable because:

Brake fluid removes paint. Not does it just remove paint, it instantly destroyes paint the second it touches it. Wow. Why don’t they sell this stuff as paint remover? Better than the actual paint remover if you ask me.


I drained the master cylinder, then pumped the brakes to get leftover fluid back in it. That fluid squirted out of the MC like a geyser. What the fuck. At least my paint is already ruined, or I’d be pissed. I got some spots on the roof. No pics because it’s raining right now.

I’m strongly considering, when I get a “real job” to instead of getting a truck, trading the Mini in on say a Focus ST, and instead getting a milsurp humvee if the folks are ok with more junk in the driveway. Split my hopes and dreams more evenly instead of all or nothing.


The Trans Am is getting done. It’s definitely a pride thing now. When? God only knows. But I won’t give up or stop working.