Of Car Buying Frustrations

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I’ve located what looks to be a really nice Miata a few hours away and had a great conversation with the seller on the phone. I made him my offer that evening and, while he seemed amenable, he didn’t accept and asked for some time to think about it. To be fair, he was on a little vacation when we spoke.


That was Wednesday. I pinged him back on Sunday to ask if he had considered my offer, and I got back a couple short replies. Come to find out later that he’s got a family member in the hospital, so he’s dealing with that. I told him to take all the time he needs; however, I don’t know where that leaves me.

I really like the car and should he agree to my offer, I think it’ll be a very fair deal all the way around. That said, I’m seeing other options pop up, though nothing I’d like objectively more than what he’s selling.


What should I do? Should I hang on here or start looking at other options. No money has been exchanged and no promises made either way, so I wouldn’t feel any guilt, but would be disappointed to miss out on this car.

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