So I’ve recently brought my desktop PC back up from the bowels of being powered down for some much needed upgrades. Well, I say much needed, but really, that’s a lie. It worked just fine, ran games well, and is generally a very good machine. Prior to yesterday, it ran an i7 4770k, a GTX 580, a Crucial M500 480 GB ssd, a 3 TB HDD, and you know, stuff. Well, it still has the i7, but I dropped a GTX 1070 in there, using the 580 as a dedicated PhysX card, and cloned my SSD over to a new 2 TB ssd. I then backed up all the files on my 3 TB HDD and wiped it, preparing to move it and a newly acquired similar 3 TB HDD over to my NAS in mirror mode to use as my backup location. I figured this was ok, and I never installed any programs on the HDD, just used it for storage.

So I booted the thing up and all was ok. Did the backup and wiped the HDD, took it out, and powered back up and...

The computer freaked the F out. All my desktop icons were gone, and it kept yelling that the H drive wasn’t there anymore, the HDD I took out, which I knew, but I have no idea why it was concerned with that drive. And why did that kill my desktop icons, when all the programs were still installed? I have no idea, so I did the only thing a rational person could do at this point.

I made Windows 10 wipe the drive I cloned onto and reinstall Windows on itself. Suck it.


Anyway, this is the case I have:


Which is really cool. Lots of expansion, great for constantly modifying the PC, which I used to do a lot, but don’t so much anymore. So All this is kind of in preparation for moving to a new case, I think, like the Node 202:


But the 202 doesn’t have a slot for a Bluray drive, which I still need, but I can solve that with running a SATA cable and power outside the case when I need it. I’ve tried a couple of USB 3.0 optical drives, but they tend to disappear which being used, which is very annoying. I don’t know why that happens. My SATA bluray drive can’t read some of my dics (I use a Plex service, so I’m working through my massive collection of movies) so I tried to use the USB drive, but no...

Anyway, the 1070 seems awesome as hell, can’t wait to fire some games up with that. The SSD is also quite snappy. I’m happy with the upgrades so far. Bu tI think I might still need to upgrade that BD drive. If anyone has used any USB 3.0 BD drives and they work, please let me know.