Of Dealers and Insurance Companies (a rant)

Took the car to the dealer so they could take care of my passenger side airbag recall (yah Takata!). While they were doing that, they made a tiny rock chip in the corner of the windshield turn into a nice big crack. No phone call in advance of doing the work warning that what they were going to do might result in that happening. Apparently no effort made to keep the windshield from cracking. And it never entered my mind that replacing the airbag could potentially cause that to happen, which I guess is my bad. The dealership says “turn it into your insurance and we’ll cover the deductible.” The insurance company (well, really just the agent at this point) says it’s the dealer’s fault and I really shouldn’t turn in a claim. There’s a $750 difference between my deductible and the cost of getting a new windshield installed. And now I have to waste my time dealing with this crap.

Oh, and people that sit at a stoplight on a busy multi-lane road without a turn lane and wait until the light turns green before flipping on the turn signal to go left should have their licenses revoked, be drawn and quartered, or both!

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