Long story, so a 996 GT3 Mk.1 for your time.

Saturday night, approximately ~1:45 A.M., my girlfriend and I are woken up by the sound of a car fully sending it down her street, which later on ended up being a Suzuki Forenza. Now normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I think we were woken up by this for a reason. For some backstory, she lives on a nondescript small road at the end of a main off-campus road near my old (and her current) college. Her road has a very sharp incline/decline, followed by not much straight road before a guardrail and a hill that would most definitely not be fun to go over in a car.

Anyways, when I heard this car flying down the road, I knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough, I hear SCREEEEEEEEEECH followed by a ungodly loud BANG. I didn’t know if they hit a car or the guardrail, but my girlfriend and I immediately jumped up half asleep especially when we starting hearing screaming. First thing I think of is that they had to be drunk (decently big party scene here, college campus, late at night, doing exactly opposite of what you should do down this road, etc.). We get up, both look out of the window, see people getting out and yelling. I go to put my contacts in in the bathroom (I have unbelievably bad sight) and call 911 to report it. They had hit the guardrail and almost went over the edge. Meanwhile, she sees the passenger and driver switch spots after coming to (bad sign 1). We run down, ask if they are okay and they say yes, passenger (who was the driver) and the driver (who I saw as the passenger) yelling at each other, neither caring about the injured girl in the back seat. They are all clearly very drunk. Somehow no serious injuries and the car looks intact fluid wise (important point) but the airbag blew. Definite front end damage.

They are trying to leave, and to limit these assholes from hurting other people, my girlfriend says their car is leaking fluid (it ended up just being water from the A/C, but it was a brilliant ruse on my girlfriends part as I was not awake enough to think about it). She proceeds to go back into the house to get the girl ice, meanwhile the girl is telling another bystander to not call the cops (bad sign 2). Not soon after she says that, the police show up. We go and stand with the injured girl and the driver, who doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s injuries and is trying to get us to let him in my gf’s house for a lighter or to light his cigarette, and then says “I can’t believe our driver ran away” (my girlfriend saw him get out, we also both heard them talking about him driving and messing up) (bad sign 3/4). After this, I realize it’s time for us to separate ourselves from the situation and get inside without them seeing where we came from. We get back in and the dispatcher has called me. I inform her that the driver and passenger are lying to the police about who is driving, and that they are all drunk. She tells the cops this following the call.

A few minutes later, we hear someone walk past our house, seemingly trying to break in, and then walk around the back, only to walk back around. My girlfriend looks down, and only sees two people (bad sign 5). Turns out the cop confronted the driver and he ran (not sure why he didn’t go after him, except he was alone so that might be why), only to try to get into our house and hide on our stairs. Now I’m fucking pissed that he tried to break into our house, so I call the dispatchers and tell them where he’s hiding. Upstairs roommates come in and he has vanished (I made sure he wasn’t following them). A few minutes later and we see him being walked back to the car with cuffs on and there are back up police officers. An unknown amount of time goes by, he fails all field sobriety tests, and gets arrested. Oddly enough, the two others were left behind and ended up just leaving with the car (not sure how that was okay but...)


Now I’m not posting this to bring attention to the things I did, but more that I almost felt guilty about this guy getting arrested all yesterday. Did I do too much? When this happened, it was peak bar closing time and a lot of people would be out, this guy clearly had no care for anyone but himself, and I didn’t want anyone getting hurt if he got back in the car. A coworker I told the story to said “they were already done for the night, they weren’t driving down the road swerving and hitting things, they already had enough problems” as if drunk driving is okay and that they weren’t trying to get back into the car hammered. to keep driving in a busy, confined campus area. I’ve never been in a position like this before and I almost feel like it’s my fault he was arrested even though he/they did the things they did. I don’t really understand why I feel so guilty about the situation.