Well, Oppos and Oppets, Jazzie the Discovery 2 has finally given up the ghost. My wife and I went home to Memphis this past weekend. Jazzie performed fine the whole trip, we made a couple stops in town to take care of some business before going to see family. We stopped at Chik-Fil-A to get some lunch and while in the drive-thru she died, to never start again. Fortunately, the guy behind me and a Chik-Fil-A worker helped me push her up the hill into a handicapped spot. We waited for my dad's wife, dad and the AAA tow truck to get there for about and hour and a half. I checked fluid levels, things were as good as they can be in a rover. When the tow truck got there I tried to turn it over ( I suspected it could be starter/alternator/something electrical) and my dad believes it to be fuel pump or fuel related in general. I believe him since he sold a great many of them when he used to be in the wholesale car business. So, she is sitting at a mechanic back in Memphis as I type this from my office in Nashville. The wife and I had begun to decide after replacing a blown power steering pump, that we would do the necessary repairs to put her up for sale. I had dreamed of turning the old girl into the best overlanding rig possible, without going into debt to do it, but now we are going to get her fixed and sell her post haste and try to find a early 2000's Land cruiser, so we don't have to finance and so we have something to camp with that will last a great long time. So in the coming weeks I would be grateful to get assistance from other Oppos in finding a reasonably priced, reasonable "miled", reliable 4x4. My necessities are solid axles, leather, and obviously everything functioning as it should. I plan to get new tags for it when the time comes, some kind of play on no more British.

Not my Disco, but this is the first GIS for a Land Rover on a tow truck:

The new dream:

UPDATES!! Assessment completed: Jazzie needs battery and starter. This sucks on a whole new level, as these are cheap and extremely easy repairs to do, but when the vehicle is 300 miles away.