Sorry, I've been away for awhile. Very busy week, especially with my new job, i have to be at work at 6 am.

But... Today, we finally signed on the paperwork and closed on the house! I swear, I couldn't have gotten a better deal on this house if I tried. I grew up here, spent nearly 14 years of my life at this house. It's 5br/2.5ba, nearly 3500sq ft, overlooking the whole city, with woods all around the back. Natural stone foundation. All that for $33,740, paid monthly in $400 installments, for 7 years. No interest. I didn't have to pay closing costs. You cannot do much better than that.

Also, yesterday, I ordered my fiancee a Keith Urban guitar set, which includes the guitar (red/black acoustic electric), picks, strap, cleaning cloth, case,, chord chart and 30 DVD lessons. $300 for all that, you can't go wrong. She already plays viola, violin, and cello, so this should be pretty easy. She loves Keith Urban, so I had to. We saw him in concert last year. Hell of a guy.

So yeah, new job, house closed on, and another Christmas gift for the better half! Can't beat that. Plus, I should be getting that Infiniti I30 by march. It's still for sale. Here's hoping.