Yes. So, I'm going to probably be selling our blue 2000 Durango. Why, do you ask? Well, a heck of a deal I can't pass up on.

In sacrifice of the 2000 Durango, we're gonna spend $1000, and buy... a 2002 Durango! It looks to be a really good deal. New engine with just over 50k miles on it, two years newer, leather seats, and in excellent running condition. I mean, that would be worth it for the engine alone, but a good example of a running vehicle? I think that's easily worth it. Plus, it's newer by two years. Same body style, but I know full well the reliability of a first-gen Durango. We've put 20k miles on ours since we bought it a year ago, and have put very little into it. It still starts right up and runs. My mom's '99, which she bought for $800, has also been dead reliable.

They really are really good vehicles. Personally, I'm more of a car guy than an SUV guy, but the better half loves SUVs, and who am I to pass on a nice price? I don't know how many miles are on the body, but we're going to look at it sometime this week, and get some pics.