I got a letter in the mail telling me my 3 might have the wrong concentration of coolant and I should take it in to get checked or it could overheat. I was planning to make an oil change appointment anyway but before I got the chance, my dealership called me. Instead of me forgetting until it was inconvenient for me, I got the call and everything will get taken care of.

Second, we’re one step closer to home ownership. Got an accepted offer and the inspection has already been scheduled. We’ll see how the rest of the process goes. Sadly, no garage.....yet.

Third: I’ve been surrounded by the dumbest and most dangerous drivers this week. I nearly died/seriously injured once and several other near misses.

D I’ve seen some cool cars this week because of the lovely weather. Really makes me want a convertible.


5. I’m tired of my car being yellow. The pollen count was 3,700 or something today. Doesn’t screw up my nose or anything beyond just having particulates building up.