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Of happenings!!!

So Matt finally got his hands on the new 4-cyl Boxter range and did a One Take on some back road in Portugal on a fully loaded S.


What’s Oppo’s take on this car? I know it’s a 4 and there are a lot of conservative people here (automotive-wise) that will despise the PDK and the Turbos and the Electric Steering, but I wanna know.

Lay you opinions on me, be as brutal as you want.

Personally I like it, it’s the future and I don’t mind it at all, I’ve driven some amazing electric steered cars (I’m looking at you New Mini), some amazing turbo cars (Still looking at you New Mini) and the PDK is amazing and only getting better, thanks to purists, these things won’t be as valuable in the used car market so maybe I’ll get one at some point.


I think this car will usher a new way for the compact sportscar.

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