Of Happenings

A week ago (okay 8 days): an epic spring snowstorm. While April snow is a thing that happens, this was an unusually big one. 

My wife gave me a hall pass to head up to the mountain for a little while; a late season powder day is a gift in particular because there just aren’t as many people. I still hiked up to the top of a closed chair to get a full set of my own freshies. It was blowing 30 mph up there and the snow drifts were well over my head. I ducked in to the lift shack to catch my breath for a minute before heading down.

Just because it’s nice in the valley....

But then the next day was actually quite nice, and today it should be in the upper 60's if not 70. Yesterday was an epic ski day: it snowed overnight, the snow was still cold in the morning but the sun was hot and even my kids didn’t wear their jackets. We all tailgated on the side of the bunny slope... it doesn’t get any better. Except when they’re not 2 and 4 and we’ll be skiing the whole mountain again...

This above is Cannon Mountain’s idea of a bunny slope. They do have one other area that’s pretty flat (below) but the chair is shut down for the season, so you have to access it via this area. It’s all good, both my kids were skiing on their own top to bottom by the end of the day. Mind you, the youngest is “two and half” as she would put it. Color me proud.


Also, stay tuned for vehicular happenings later this week. A new addition to the family is pending... the vehicular family that is. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are plenty for us for right now.


Happy Monday!

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