I am getting ready to have my engine rebuilt. Estimate was 1,500$ in labor +parts, of which I mostly have. I plan on 2k honestly. I will probably order the rest tonight, with special note to the fact that I am going to be one of those annoying customers that brings a literal pile of shit, when they would probably prefer a complete engine. Sorry machine shop oppos.

Ordering a new flexplate, valvesprings, some pushrods to replace the pitted ones, a new kit for my HEI ignition, a spare rocker arm tie, a harmonic balancer, lifters, and motor mounts. For the transmission, a magnet for the oil pan, a new vaccum line, and a new dipstick.

Front brake lines are done. Banjo bolts now also have correct washers. Pre bent lines are a godsend, really interesting now that I know why those curly bits are on the lines themselves (for flexibility). On to doing rear drum springs, adjuster, and bearings before I hook the new rear lines up.

not this unfortunately.