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Of Happenings

Someone is finally coming to look at my wife’s 208k mile X3 tomorrow. “It’s rare, though, it’s a manual!” Yeah, no one cares. It’s not enough of an enthusiast vehicle - not quite - to have the manual transmission help me out very much. I think it will sell for under $3k in the end. Which is a little sad on our end, and probably a pretty good deal on the other end if someone is willing to put in some work. AND if they continue to have the good luck we’ve had with the transfer case. I guess that’s hit or miss, and so far we’ve been hitting it out of the park in terms of t-case longevity.

This car is more fun to drive than it looks. I just could never find an angle that I really like. Once in a while I catch it from a certain way... but mostly I’ve just never really felt great about its looks. I’m not quite in the Clarkson camp; he said something like, it was the most hideous thing he’d ever seen, but you know, he also *might* be a bit hyperbolic at times. Maybe.


I’m a little nervous about the actual process of selling it, but the guy says he came from a 150k 525i that just got rear-ended; his logic being he’s familiar with high-mileage BMWs so long as they’re well maintained, which ours is.

Coincidentally, I may end up with a 5-speed 2006 WRX wagon in my possession this weekend. I certainly don’t have room in my life for another car that isn’t a nice, efficient commuter for my wife. A 12 year old beat-up turbo Subaru isn’t any of those things. But I need to figure out what’s wrong with it and how much it’s worth, then help my sister sell it. So we’ll see if that thing makes an appearance - and by that, I mean, I might be driving it 120 miles on the highway with my AAA card in my left hand and a fully charged phone in the cupholder.


We’ll see.

Here’s what I WISH the Subaru looked like:


It is black with tinted windows, but um... it’s going to be a little more rough around the edges.

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