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Road trip! After close to a million posts, I pulled the trigger. The new addition to my family, car number 42 (magical!), a 1999 Gen 2.5 Montero. This one, in particular:


It’s higher mileage, but the gent who owned it builds parts for Adventure Driven Design, such as the lift kit, and is a professional mechanic. It’s a Phoenix car, so no rust. The list of things done to this Box Flared Beauty includes:

timing belt,
water pump,
Timing belt tensioner,
upper and lower front control arm bushings with Siberian polyurethane,
Rear trailing arm bushings with Siberian polyurethane,
Steering idler arm assembly,
ADD front winch plate installed and welded in between the front frame rails (removed the winch to use in another vehicle),
Good newer style Montero factory air locker installed in the rear axle,
4.90 gears installed front and rear differentials,
Non- disconnect front axle installed,
Aisin manual locking hubs installed,
Custom All-pro rock sliders with rear kick outs installed and welded securely to frame,
Slim Rear bumper with integrated high clearance 2” receiver installed ( greatly improves departure angle ),
Gas tank lifted/ tucked 3” higher than stock,
The first 1.75” ADD body lift installed (I manufacture them for ADD),
Newer KYB shocks at all 4 corners,
Fenders and bumpers trimmed/ clearance made for oversized tires,
315/70r17 Pro Comp MT2 tires installed with 85-90% tread remaining,
New windshield,
Transgo shift kit in transmission installed,
All fluids replaced,
And by the time it sells I will have replaced the valve stem seals, spark plugs and wires and resealed the top end of the engine from oil leaks.

And pre-pick up the from ball joints will be replaced, the transmission mounts replaced, and the transfer case bushing replaced, and a cleaning.

That list is pretty much everything I had wanted to do to a Montero, and a few extra things I don’t understand, but I’m going to spend some time with the guy to learn all the operations of the parts. I see many years of family adventures in this truck. 24k miles before the timing set needs done again, and the wife approves because it’s newer and has safety things built in that the first gen I wanted doesn’t have, and got shot down for family trips. She was ok if I went off and got crushed, but not the kids. This is the right answer.


So yeah...much excite! Who wants to buy an Abarth?

Be ready for much Montero Content.

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