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My dad bought his first brand new car in over 20 years. He traded in his 2004 Sequoia for a 2019 Highlander. I made him test drive the Teluride before he pulled the trigger. He said he liked it a lot, but the first model year made him worry since it had so many features *eyeroll*.

He also drove the Subaru ascent, but said the small engine made him nervous to tow even though it was rated for it.


His last two cars were Toyotas, so he’s nothing if not brand loyal.

In other exciting news, I am now a married person.

Peep that Oppo sticker sneaking into my wedding pics
Peep that Oppo sticker sneaking into my wedding pics

The last two months have been a whirlwind. We got married in November and spent two weeks in Dubai and the Maldives. It was an epic trip that surely wont be replicated for at least a decade. I won’t bore you with travel details, but I highly recommenced both locations. The Maldives are almost exactly on the opposite side of the world from Chicago so we truly felt like we had escaped the world for a bit.

Now we’re just some boring married people who do married people stuff, but such is life. We’re already looking to buy a house despite my firm aversion to purchasing real estate. Cest la vie. Also, we’re likely going to sell the Audi because she’s tired of commuting in the city with three pedals *quiet sobbing*. I’m hoping to get it sold to someone who appreciates it and not trade it in, but also I’ve never had a good experience selling a car. We’re also going to sell her Prius and get some sort of crossover blandmobile. At least we will still have the Rover.


Anyway, an early Happy New Year to you all! I haven’t been around or posting much for a while, but will resolve to change that in the new year. What’s been going on with all you fine folks?

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