Tomorrow. 1997. 100000k. 2.5 litre turboooo 6. Even has airbags. Stock exhaust, intake tract, and radio (secretly extremely excited by this, because a non modified unit is *very* unusual and highly valued.)

That said, the owner has had an issue with breakup in the higher and more aggressive application of throttle.


By order of ease, this will be resolved with the cleaning of le maf, the replacing of the o2 sensor, the replacing of the fuel filter and perhaps a fuel pump, and eventually the coil on plugs that break down and age poorly. All of the above addressed for under 500 bucks with my own labour.

So yeah, barring issues, tomorrow I will possess this.

No, it isn't a gtr. Thankfully.

The gt-r 2.6 is not a good plant, and has serious longevity issues— or can. The 2.5 is a smidge less zippy, but much more stout from a harmonic standpoint. It can make it to hell and back.


At any rate, I just wanted to let you all know that I will have one of my dream vehicles again tomorrow. The last r33 tried to kill me. I'll happily give this one the same chances.