The Canadian province of British Columbia raised speed limits on 1,300 kms of rural highways from 110 km/h to 120 km/h.

"When B.C. raised speed limits on some highways this week, following the lead of states and provinces across North America, it reflected a growing consensus: faster is often safer.

B.C.'s top limit is now 120 km/h, the highest in Canada, but provinces from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan have raised some limits to 110 km/h in recent years - in line with trends in the U.S., where speed limits have steadily increased since the mid-1990s.

The higher speeds restore limits that were lowered during the 1970s energy crisis in a bid to save fuel, rather than lives.

"There's certainly skepticism," B.C. transportation minister Todd Stone admitted Thursday, a day after increasing limits on 1,300 kilometres of rural highway. "But the facts are the facts. When you have motorists all generally moving at the same rate of speed - as opposed to people moving much faster or much slower than the natural flow of speed - you're going to have a safer corridor."


Oppo should laud Todd Stone for listening to the actual facts and not the NIMBY's or the police who will lose their revenue stream.

If you want to learn more about speeding... and why this is a good change watch this video:

Meanwhile in Ontario we have the best roads in the entire country...but don't break that 100 km/h limit boy or you'll go to jail.


Annoying Ontario is annoying.