Of Happenings! - Commercial Drivers Licence Edition

Title pretty much sums it up, finally graced ICBC with my presence to take the Class 4 Unrestricted knowledge test.

Thirty-five questions, need 28 right to pass. I flubbed the first two, mistook the sign for “road turns right” for “this lane must turn right” and then the next one was about which vehicles were required to stop at uncontrolled railway crossings... That really rattled my nerves, but I ended up getting 32/35.

Got some fried chicken and a pineapple to celebrate, and some potting soil. Gonna upgrade the pot sizes of my orange trees!

BMW - Morgan 3 Wheeler mashup for your time... I don’t remember who ‘shopped this, sorry.

So now I’ve got a year to drive around in a minibus, with an instructor and no passengers, or I could just go book lessons and an exam through a driving school... best part is work will reimburse me!

Now that’s my kind of drink!

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