Of Happenings! The Official Oppo 2019 Summer Shirt Repost For The Afternoon

No one asked for this, yet here we are, an official Oppositelock shirt!

Yeah, you heard me right, we gots a shirt for y’all. Why? Because it’s about damn time we up and capitalized on the #BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, we’re not selling out entirely as the typical 20% that would normally go into my bank account won’t be spent on autocrossing my car. Nope instead it will be going to something else for either the group or a charity. We’ll decide at a later date.


The shirts, hoodies, stickers, prints, and scarfs (fuck it, why not) are available on my Redbubble storefront until LABOR DAY 9/2/19. After that it goes away, so hurry up and spend your meager summer earnings on some Oppo swag.

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