Someone needs to get that polandball gif in here. So my Dad and stepmom came to visit me and take me to dinner tonight at college, and my Dad dropped some surprising news on me. To have some context, he had been trying for the past few months to get his C7 Stingray ordered, but it took a while because certain options he wanted kept getting blocked (GM decides to make certain options not orderable in certain weeks for some dumb reason) and he finally got the order for the perfect car he wanted through two weeks ago. Now while the whole Vette ordering saga was going on he had talked to the Dodge dealer near us about possibly getting a Viper or a Hellcat (I really wanted a viper over a corvette, but then again it isn't for me) and apparently he decided this week to get on the list to order a Challenger Hellcat!! He has been preparing to get a new DD for a while, mostly because our 06 A3 3.2l is getting a little long in the tooth, and now recently this summer has started being a major maintenance headache. First, it took several new parts to pass inspection, and then the ECU just had to be replaced for somewhere around 600$, and then he got that fixed this week, and then later that day the check engine light came back on. Also I'm worried that the DCT may be slowly failing as sometimes it seems to me that the clutch slips (I'll hit the gas in 2nd or 3rd, and it will rev like its in neutral before grabbing the gear and going, which did not happen last year when I used it to go to and from school daily) which is just another worry. He's been waiting for a Chevy SS with the mag ride suspension and manual, but since that seems iffy on when thats actually going to be out he decided to get on the list to order a challenger hellcat. So yeah guys, I'm pretty fucking excited.