Of Malibu and Disappointment

Well the disappointment continues with the Malibu except now things take a even more disappointing turn. Her father has stepped into play and is now pushing her to off load the Malibu because he spoke with his Chevy sales guy. they have bought/leased more than 10 cars from this guy over the past 20 years and he’s really pushing them to bring the Bu in and pick up something new.

The problem with this is the options it gives us are, another small Chevy. fuck. We really can go else where either because this guy is basically willing to give us waay to much for the Malibu even knowing it’s current state. also her dad is willing to toss some cash if needed into the mix, if only we go to this sales guy. fuck.

Well so what does all this First world problem ammount to?

Either a 2017 Buick Encore in Preferred II trim (for blind spot sensors) or a essentials if we can get the price down to get some Bose in the mix. Or a 2017 1LT malibu with the driver confidence package.


so what do I do?




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