Of Miatas and not-really-Miatas

So I’m sure most of us know about the fine vehicles that are the ND Mazda Miata and the based-on-the-platform Fiat 124, both fine entries for the roadster market. But...

... in my travels among the great tubes and waves of the Internet, I discovered something a little bit different.


In my childhood, I played a game called Auto Modellista, and it just so happened to feature the Mitsuoka Orochi - a strange, Japan-only “fashion” supercar (is it even a supercar? I dunno.) While looking it up again, I stumbled across the URL for the Mitsuoka website, and - after finding their cars decidedly retro, I discovered this.

Meet the Mitsuoka Himiko, a delightfully retro convertible. Now, before I continue, I’ll quickly rip some of the marketing pitch for this Beautiful Assassin. Apparently its “unique and attractive design” causes the “beautiful assassin steels your heart.” Oh, Japan. You have always had a taste for the elegant and slightly obtuse.

Where it gets fun is when you dive right into the specifications of this interesting retro roadster.


I see Mazda components! Mazda engine, Mazda transmission, and a Mazda part number. Let’s see where this search goes:


Looks like this appears to be the internal designation for the Japanese Miata ND roadster, given how many results appear in Japanese.

Well then.

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