Of Nostalgias Enters Into; Really, BMW?

Saw an old picture this morning of the 530XIT that one of my friends’ parents had for awhile. (not actual car, but it was identical)

Interior:, Not the exact car (think this is in an M5 Touring), but it was the same color interior.


It was white, with orange-red-ish “BMW Individual merino-oxydbraun” leather, and they took euro delivery of it. I remember getting to sit in the passenger seat and take turns with my friend shifting it (yup, it was a manual). Seeing the picture made me wonder if BMW had any for sale on its CPO site. This was the first thing that I saw when I opened up their CPO page... Don’t know who’s running QC on their website, but this is some eBay-level Toyota Camry for a million dollars kind of crap.

Also, the search for this unicorn BMW was fruitless. And yes, my friend’s dad still regrets not buying out the lease on it. He does though, have his BMW needs satisfied to for the time being, by this beauty, which he’s had for about a year now. The 5” thick binder of receipts is truly impressive, and it’s an absolute hoot to drive, completely neutral handling, excellent visibility, and probably the best handling car I’ve driven, to date. I’ve spent about 1200 miles give or take behind the wheel of it, and it’s really nimble for its size, as well as an excellent grand tourer, and it’s getting pilot sports in the spring too (yay!). I should really do an oppo review on it, come springtime... Here’s the BaT link for those who want to see some more pictures.


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