I know I’ve been talking lately about how I’ve really come to love my 4Runner, and I really have, but I really want something that’s better on gas and a bit sporty (though honestly the gas mileage is more important to me at this point). I don’t know why I’m beginning to want a different car again, especially after last night, but I do. I’ve found this absolutely awesome SC400 on CL, and I want it so bad. Even if the ticket does end up being $200-300 (which it very well could end up being), I should still have plenty of money left to pay for the 10% of the car I have to pay for. And then if I pass on the iPad Pro 9.7 and Apple Pencil I’ve been considering, I might even have a bit left over (after I’ve alloted most of the leftover money to stay in my savings account) for mods or a decent radar detector. I’d probably end up going with the latter first.

But the question remains - what, then, becomes of the 4Runner? Now I’m not even sure I’ll end up with the SC or not, or if it will still be for sale at the end of the summer, but I can hope, right? We just moved into a bigger house which has space for both my parents’ cars, the 4Runner, and another car without anyone having to park on the street. I just don’t know whether my parents will allow that. The ticket makes this all the more uncertain, though. If they do care about having another car at the house, then I’ll most likely keep the 4Runner, but the best case scenario is that the ticket isn’t too expensive (I’m going to ask a family friend who’s a reserve policeman for the town where I was stopped how much he thinks it will be since I won’t know for sure until August), my parents don’t mind another car, and the SC is still for sale at the end of the summer. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: my dad replied saying it’s doubtful that they’d be down with another car around the house all the time, but I might could convince him

UPDATE 2: I’ve also found these 3 other UZ-engined Lexuses as potential fallback cars: