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Of pre-service svending

Does anyone else here always ensure their car is clean before it goes in for a service?

I’m a bit on-again off-again about cleaning my cars. Usually they get at least a wash every few weeks*, though rarely the full Svend. However when I’ve got other shit on - like now, as you can see from the background to the image - they can get pretty filthy. But I always give them a wash and vacuum before they go in for any work. Even though I know perfectly well the dealer’s going to wash it anyway - and charge me for it - I have a superstitious belief that if you let them think you don’t care about your car, they won’t care about it either. Plus I’m probably a bit embarrassed to hand a filthy car over to “car guys”.


So the Skoda’s clean for the first time in several months: as well as the aforementioned “shit going on”, we’ve gone straight from months of “don’t waste a drop” level drought to the last few weeks being nonstop “I’m not washing my car in the rain” mud pies, so car washing has been right off the table of late.

* except Clifford the Pajero. As a farm hack, he gets treated like any other working dog: he gets a bath once a year whether he needs it or not. And Mrs Distraxi’s Leaf, which as previously mentioned is an embarrassment to humanity for which I disavow all responsibility. So really just the Skoda and the 86, now I think about it.

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