Oppo, remember that eclipse from this post a few months ago?

Well, I bought it. Here are pictures. And some letters and numbers as well..

About the car...

It’s a 1992 (Built August 1991) Mirsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo, AWD, manual transmission, grey cloth seats, which are quite nice, a chunky shifter, chunky steering wheel, everything about the car looks and feels like it: just been Lopped off of something with a nuclear weapon. The steering wheel is fat, the shift knob feels like a playstation-u remote, and it has a boosht guage. It has been sitting since 2001, when it was parked, needing a clutch. It was then parked in a driveway, until I came along, saw the car, and on a whim, went up and knocked on the door asking about it. That was in June. It is now time for me to finish those darn college applications. The wheels were all frozen, or maybe the calipers were, I don’t know.. Speaking of not knowing things, I don’t know where to even start with something like this... Making sure it runs, is the priority, because that’s like, slightly crucial.. Second is tires, brakes, struts, and some springs. Also some spacers, so I can drive over stuff during the winter. Skidplates too.. I want to rallycross it, and hoon generally, so that’s important to me. Maybe a light bar at some point. The big thing though, is budget. I only have some two thousand dollars or so (lets call it $2500) budgeted for the ressucitation of this beauty. Please let me know if I belong in a nuthouse. Before I burn all my money. Big expenses I see are:

Clutch- $250


Fluids, filters- $300

Brakes and suspension-$500

Short shifter kit and shift knob-$200

Detailing, cleaning, paint refinishing+new headliner-$500

$300- miscellaneous shit that breaks. Which will probably be way more than $300...


Displacing small rodent families with a piece of wood


Truck barely pulled it out (had to use 4low)

Yeah, so that’s where it came from...


And that’s what it looks like as a result.

It has most certainly seen better days


The interior is actually not bad... The weird seatbelt thingy needs to go... But other than that, it’s clean, 112k miles, no tears or dash cracks, steering wheel leather is good, and the 2.0 liter turbo-4 purrs like a dead kitten. The leaves there in the picture are from me moving in and out of it to steer. Oh, and how much did I pay for it, you ask? It’ll be revealed when I do a Tvarish-esque article later on this winter, when I can hopefully run it in a rallycross... And then mayyyybeeee sell it.

But not before it looks like this (minus the decals)


Oh, and I bought this too!



$300, should be able to flip for $3000 once running and driving. The guy ran the thing out of fuel, and can’t figure out why it’s not starting (injector lines need priming and bleeding, which is a bitch to do, but free to do), so the eclipse budget could effectively double if that happens...