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Of recent happenings: making the Mini more fun

Haven’t really posted an update about recent mods (just 2 actually) related to the Mini, so here goes.

First I changed the bypass valve for the SC, went to an aftermarket valve:


The bypass valve in the Mini is a vacuum actuated thing, so no electronics or mechanical linkages to control it. The aftermarket one has a stiffer diaphragm so it bypasses the air much less “frequently”. Pretty straightforward to change the little guy, although having someone with small fingers is helpful. As expected, the boost comes on much sooner now, I get 8psi at 3k rpm instead of 4psi with the stock valve. It feels like the whole powerband till 5k rpm has dropped by 500rpm at least. This has helped drivability quite a bit, I have to change gears less often.


Next up: Milltek non-resonated cat-back. I changed the exhaust coz the old one was properly rusted and the stock system is an idotic design:


New one:

Like this but without the resonator on the first pipe

Again, fairly easy to install and the most giggles inducing of all the stuff done to the Mini:

This is under no load, the pops are quite a bit louder under load :) (I know the pipes aren’t centered, I’ll look into that later)


Combined with the CAI, mid range torque has improved noticeably. There is actually a difference in acceleration when at 75% throttle and WOT between 3k and 4k rpm. Stock, there was no difference after 50% throttle at those revs.

Overall I’m still happy with the Mini, its been fairly easy to maintain/mod and decently cheap. I’ll do a full review once I hit 200k miles.

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