Remember how I said I’d be posting more regular updates about the Integra? Whoops. Anyway, here she is looking pretty after I shined her up somewhat for a local car meet/cruise this weekend. Not bad for someone who has no patience for car washing!

Unfortunately she has recently started leaving plumes of blue smoke (burning oil) when hitting dat VTEC, so I’ve got her booked in to have the valve seals replaced/sorted/whatever. In the meantime I’ve done little things such as replacing the snapped aerial, sourcing an original bootspace cover, restoring the headlights (look how shiny and nice they are!) and other little bits and bobs. The list of things to do is still long, but we’re getting there!

A friend with a black DC2 has offered me a Mugen Twinloop exhaust to get rid of the somewhat annoying ricer pipe that’s currently on it, so hope to see that soon. In other news, I’ve got a lot of Japanese car show things coming up so stay tuned! I promise to actually, y’know, post things this time.