So I was suppose to go to the weekly car meet up with this girl; and she basically ditched me for a party and why?? Because it was "raining" outside. There was no fucking rain outside! Sure it was cold outside but NOPE!

Apparently she planned on going to the party ahead of time. She had a meeting with the housing director at 6pm, told me she didn't know when it'd be over and said she would text me to let me know whats up; she never did, I ended up texting her at 9pm and calling her at 9:30 to find out she didn't want to come out anymore, and by then she was getting ready for that fucking party!…

Why the fuck do I even bother anymore? This is probably the 5th rejection/ditch in less than 5 months! I HATE THIS! And it was a girl that liked cars! That's like trying to find a fucking unicorn! I can't even calm down right now, nothing is making me feel better either... What am I to do Oppo? Am I just a hopeless guy with no luck?


Right now I feel like "K-Roll-PorscheLoser" :(

Anyone wanna find me some pics of G-Model 911s? Maybe that'll calm me down...I just don't know. This was not a good night.