THIS is a 2001 Ford Excursion LIMITED equipped with the 7.3 litre (444 cubic inches people!) Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8, 4X4, and it has not yet been subjected to a lift kit! As an automotive glutton, I think it is a magnificent monolith standing for our firm resolve to burn as much fuel as possible from here to Walmart and back again! But, as a member of the suburban middle class I think it is a piece of farm equipment, just like the EPA says it is! For ruralites who wear cowboy boots and think a rodeo is good weekend entertainment. And I have an idea to resolve this cognitive dissonance.

I’m not one for modifying my cars. Frankly, I don’t have the time or the energy. So I like to buy something that does what I want it to from the factory. But this, I don’t think this would be too difficult.

What if we took this perma-capped F-350 Crew Cab and made it into something above the Navigator? What would we call it? The name Excursion brings to mind forays into the wild for scientific discovery. Conquering the Antarctic Continent! We could never expect such things of a Lincoln, turbo diesel 4X4 or not.

Posit: The Lincoln Incursion

Similar words, different meanings. Nothing like a military invasion, particularly a quick and unexpected one. Yes, that’s more Lincoln speed. “I will orchestrate this hostile takeover from the back seat of my Lincoln Incursion whist on my way into the city on the turnpike this morning.”


I think the transformation would be fairly simple:

  • 2-3 2003-2006 Navigator Ultimate grille’s to be cannibalized for the new inserts.
  • 1 2001 Lincoln Navigator wood and leather steering wheel
  • I’d probably need the Navigator’s climate controls and radio as well to make sure all the buttons on the wheel worked.
  • 1 2001 Lincoln Navigator ignition lock, so you would have Lincoln keys.
  • A 3D printer in order to make new Incursion badges in the same font and style of the Excursion badges. New Lincoln emblem for the grille as well.
  • 2 pieces of color matched leather for the upper middle portion of the front seats to be embroidered with Lincoln emblems and the word incursion to replace the existing ‘Limited’ script.


The wheels are already chromed. It’s already black for the most part. The front and rear bumpers are already 75% chrome. And it’s already got fake wood on the door cards. It’s practically a Lincoln already, I’d just have to change the badges. Then I could drive around with my head held high, belching soot all over the place, because it’s a Lincoln!

God help me, this is what I think about when I’m falling asleep at night...