well the final numbers are in. there is still a large pay gap.

So i’m sure alot of you are like so whats the problem?!? u a dumb mother f’r?!? maybe i am, but I like what I do. I can OPPO during the day, but I work hard. I will get to design hotels, restaurants, condos where I am. Or I could just do houses, but get paid more to do it. I would be happy just doing the houses, but i’m afraid I’d always be thinking I’m be missing out. At this point in my career, if I dont get the experience in commercial architecture, I probably never will. My dream is to do a large resort/hotel on Cape Cod, and with the residential job, I’d most likely be giving that up. But I’d be getting paid a lot more to do it. The commute would be 100x better as well.

My boss talked about how hes looking for a path to not necessarily retirement but to be in a position where he can just pull clients in and oversee operations but not really have to do that crappy parts in the next 5-10 years. He said he thinks I’m a great designer and could take over part of the company. I like how there is some sort of path laid out for me, which I don’t really think would happen at the other place. We also got a great job doing a beachfront restaurant yesterday. That is something I’m excited to be a part of. He said he would give me merit based raises but couldn’t really promise any sort of schedule. I’m just having a hard time walking away from the money. Money doesn;t buy happiness, but it does buy an WRX and look at how happy he is


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So I talked to my boss this afternoon. I told him I was happy working here but received an offer for another position. It would be a financial decision to move and that I would probably prefer the work here but I cannot pass on this type of pay change. He said this is the worst timing as we need more help in the office and he is also going thru chemo which I did not know about. He said he doubts he can afford to match but needs a night to think it over. I agreed to that. My concern now is if he does match, that he will not be happy about it and will make for an uneasy work environment.




reasons to stay:

my boss would value and my architectural stamp when I get it.

we do a variety of projects, multi family, single family, hotel renovations, healthcare renovations and some other random small stuff that comes along. The new job would be strictly high end residential.


The reasons to leave:

the pay

the commute

no more night planning board meetings

more people in the office (here is me and my boss, the other has 5 or 6 people) however that office is in his house, which is ocean front.


there is a ‘pub’ in the boat house

so while an RS is still out of the relm of possibilities, A toy would be one step close. I savagely miss the manual. for some reason this morning I was stomping the floor all commute trying to get the clutch for downshifts. damn autos



I was hoping for an offer last night but they just had questions about my salary and health care costs (neither place offers healthcare) Where they came to me, I want them to make me an offer without me having to tell them my income. I feel like that will force them into a fair market price where as if I tell them what I make they will just try to beat it by a minimum increase to keep thier cost down. I could be wrong with



I worked for this guy back a few years ago (pre-WRX days). He called me up and wants me to work for him again. I had an interview with them last week and they want me to call when I get out of work. I dunno what to do. I will post tonight with details so the internet can make my decision.