Well, actually off to Windsor, Ontario where our hotel is just across the border. And Mike and I aren’t leaving until Sunday, Jalopnik will just have to get beat by someone else at karting on Saturday night. I’m getting excited, and anxious, to cover my first press preview days at the North American International Auto Show with RightFootDown.

Anyone stayed in Canada and crossed back and forth for the event? Looks like the “border bus” runs pretty often, says it takes about a half hour. Hopefully that’s with the crossing in between. Curious if we should drive and park near COBO? Media days open Monday and start at zero dark thirty so we’ll head out early either way.

Any other tips for attending, even if it wasn’t during media preview days? It’ll my first trip to Detroit, will likely have a backpack of camera gear with me all day. Looks like there is are two full days of press conferences and the like. Anyone excited about anything specific they’d like to see coverage of. Doesn’t look quite as enthusiast-focused as last year, but should still be cool.

Also, I’ll be on the lookout for some off-to-the-side stories that may not be as covered as something like the new E-Class or Fusion. May not find it, but we’ll be looking. RFD isn’t your typical news regurgitation site, ideally we can bring you all something cool. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see specifically.

“Image Upload Failed”...still can’t upload/link images on Kinja. Oh well.