Let’s get this lazy post rolling!


10: The Damned Help!

f u c k the beatles amirite?

9: Telex Ca Plane Pour Moi

f u c k plastic bertrand amirite?

8: Wall of Voodoo Ring of Fire

f u c k Johnny Cash amirite?

7: Johnny Cash Hurt

f u c k Nine Inch Nails amirite?

6: Yellow Magic Orchestra Day Tripper

fuck the beatles some more why not

5: DEVO Satisfaction

eh I guess the rolling stoneds r ok

4: Men Without Hats I Am The Walrus


3: Mariachi El Bronx Los Angeles I’m Yours

f u c k the decemberists

2: (insert your favorite cover here)

1: They Might Be Giants Istanbul

f u n with the four lads

also here is a car: