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Off topic: Ammo Control

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Trigger warning: Politics after the jump. Enjoy the gunmetal GT-R.

Why isn’t ammo tracked like sudafed is in meth-heavy states?

It well understood that the only legal civilian uses of a firearm are for hunting firing ranges, and self defense.


Imagine if people are allowed to own a certain amount of ammo for self defense (say, 10 rounds), and you would only be able to buy more if you had a filed police report that your gun was fired in self defense. No police report? Not allowed to buy more ammo. Expired or damaged ammo could be turned in for replacements if the powder was present and undamaged/unfired.

Hunting and gun ranges should provide ammo but not let you take any with you when you leave. Hunting is not a right, for 99.9% of society it’s a luxury afforded as either recreation or the necessary cost of living on the fringes/outskirts of society too far from civilization.

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