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Off-Topic But Cancer Update

Not car related but a lot have been asking about my progress and like to check in, so I figured I’d make a post. I got the results from my newest scan and spoke with my Oncologist, and while there is some bad news, there is also a lot of good news!

Brief reminder: I have been fighting Advanced Metastatic Non-Standard Collecting Duct Renal Cell Carcinoma since 2016, and it has been classified as terminal this year. Earlier this year I was told I wouldn’t make it through summer at the soonest, but would not be seeing 2019 at the latest.

So September and October saw a last ditch effort of super intense radiation treatment to try to stop my newest metastasis. This one was in my lower chest, growing about 4/cm (golf ball size) a month and was pushing on my arteries, diaphragm, heart chamber and spine - and it was not responding to my chemotherapy or immunotherapy.
The goal of the radiation was to slow it down at best, and give me less daily pain and maybe a few more months.

Well, usually the effectiveness of radiation doesn’t show up on scans that quickly, unless you’re me and a miracle case for some reason. Not only has it stopped growing (and the hospitalizing chest pains gone), it has shown some signs of shrinkage despite having active cells.

Four of the other six metastasis have stopped growing and a few of them are lighting up with dead cells. The other two are growing quite slowly and seem to be struggling against the daily chemotherapy.

My liver is doing well, about 50-60% of the cancer cells in it are dead and liver function is slowly returning to normal.

My immune system is trying its hardest to recover, and seems to be doing alright outside of some super low platelet numbers. Nausea is still awful every single day and my energy levels are usually pretty low except for random days of energy spikes. I have finally stopped losing weight though, going from 200 lbs pre-cancer to a low of 130 lbs last month, and am back up to 140-145 lbs! Hoping that trend continues.

The best news is I am definitely going to make it to the New Year, and while I’m far from out of the forest, I personally don’t feel like I’m already in the grave anymore.

If this new trend continues, I may even be able to go back to work next year and can go back to my past time of unnecessary car shopping and having more cars than any one person needs! :D

Continuing with the daily chemotherapy and fighting as hard as I can, but my spirits have definitely been renewed - I intend on trying to be the first person to live longer than 7 years with this cancer and I’ll do my damnedest to make that happen.

Just want to say a quick thanks to so many awesome Oppo members who have checked in on me, and the numerous number of you pulling for me - every bit helps and I appreciate it more than I can say!


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