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Off Topic: Cribbage, Anyone?

My wife and I are living at a family house for a few weeks while our kitchen is being redone. Picture of the house and its view (also, cars and dog) for your time. Scroll down for the question at hand.

built in 1897, in the family since 1920
ok, so this isn’t a bad place to hide out while our house is torn apart.

While we’re both still working and life is otherwise “normal,” we have free time in the evenings because we don’t have the usual household projects beyond basic daily chores like dishes. So I suggested we learn cribbage or something, because neither of us knows the game at all and we think it would be a lot of fun; it’s a great 1-on-1 game.

Any ideas, thoughts on the best way to learn? Should we just start playing or is it too complex? Invite a friend over who already knows how to play? Or are we going to kill each other? I’m open to other good 1-on-1 games, too.

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