Care to guess what it is?

First hint: It's got nothing to do with being Jalop in the slightest. Grounded-to-the-Ground Toyota couple have more to do with Jalop topics than this movie, though driving is slightly involved.

Second hint: I really should be embarrassed that I like this movie at all, let alone making an OppoLock post about it.

Third hint: Technically it's perfectly on-topic to post at i09 but I'm too afraid to out of embarrassment.

UPDATE: I drive an Auto - Deal with it , AthomSfere and Leadbull have come the closest so far. Also, there's a pretty sizable hint staring right at you when you view this post (as of the time of this writing). Just...not in the post itself.


UPDATE 2: Leadbull came the closest yet with Mean Girls. And it stars my favorite actress (I actually wrote about her in a post I wrote on ObsDeck once). And for you East Coasters it already aired ;_;

UPDATE 3: lonestranger is now the closest with Spy Kids.

Final Update!:

Ok, would you like to finally know what it is and what kind of shame I've been hiding?

Advertisement sure?

Well, of course you're sure, so here you go:


It's 16 Wishes which airs on Disney Channel starring Debby Ryan who I wrote about a little bit here.


Oh Lordy do I need a life.


Anyway, in a sad attempt to salvage my movie street cred, someone brought up my love of Ruby Sparks which is an awesome movie and you should go see it now. Even if the basic plot is kind of a metaphor for rape (uh, trust me it's not as bad as it sounds).


Also, another movie I love that you need to go see is Little Manhattan. And yes it also aired on Disney Channel at one point, but it's actually not really kiddy stuff. It also stars a pre-Hunger Games Josh Hutchinson!