Got a text from my wife, garbage wasn't picked up. Call up the company, the campgrounds we live on (privately owned) said we haven't paid our (flat-fee) utility bill. There's only one problem, we're renting and our landlord has been paying the fee since last December.

Called up the camp director, found out our utilities will be shut off on the 15th, and this usually happens when the fee is 60 days passed due....I'm not really feeling warm and fuzzy inside right now.

The landlord is a friend of the family, and I don't know his monetary situation, but I'm none-the-less irritated. My wife is at home, in tears (at least she sounds to be over the phone) because we have had some issues in the past with this house.

As I'm writing this, my landlord will be dropping a check for the utility bill sometime today, still....

Pictured is the house we are hoping to move into by the end of the month, which is twice the size of what we have now. Needs TLC, but the price is a nice $65k.