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R107 for your time.

I’m in a fight with my property owners/managers...over our fucking pilot light.

Our gas was shut off for a few days while we sorted out some payment stuff with our gas company. They don’t physically turn it back on and restart your appliances without you paying an extra $30. They just romove the lock from the meter. I couldn’t quite locate the gas meters, so I made the mistake of asking the property manager who then had a heart attack over the idea of me doing the work. He swore that it was illegal for me to do so, even though the gas company seemed very okay with it as long as I was confident in my abilities. I possibly did most of the work anyway and just told them a tech did it. But the water heater switch was broken and had to be repaired by the gas company to be safely turned back on. Which resulted in more freaking out when they suspected that I did the other work myself and they insisted that I pay someone to light the water heater, because it was our fault it was turned off. That resulted in the below somewhat strongly worded letter to the managers and owners:

Regarding the pilot light:

Sorry if this is lengthy, but I feel like there is much that needs to be considered. I have spoken to 4 gas company employees who have all stated that it is not illegal for me to perform this work, 2 of whom were techs who even offered to walk me through it. 2 of these persons also stated the above in the presence of [Redacted]. I am more than qualified to conduct this service, as I am versed in the hazards of flammable gas from both school and employment experience. I have first hand experience with gas manifolds from welding with oxyacetylene, and am knowledgeable in monitoring manifold pressure and detecting leaks and other potential hazards. I currently work in occupational safety, and so being am also knowledgeable on locating and isolating hazards on a professional level. I hold an OSHA Certificate of Compliance for dedication to occupational safety. I am just as qualified, arguably more qualified, to cunduct this service than an HVAC tech, a certification which can be received with a HS diploma and 6 months of technical school. I have also spoken with another HVAC tech about the pilot light and they found it ridiculous that the maintenance person felt unqualified to do the work. Considering all of the above information I strongly feel that it is unreasonable to make me pay for someone else to do this work for me. [Redacted] should pay for the work to be done if I am not permitted to perform this repair for which I am easily qualified.

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