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Off Topic - Tipping Delivery Drivers

30 years ago when I delivered pizza and $1 tip on a delivery was solid, $2 was awesome, and $5/10 tips were unheard of unless you were delivering 10 pizzas at once. These days I’m no longer sure what the expectation is for tipping delivery drivers.

I usually tip $10 on a food delivery order and, before #ThatRona, I tried to always hand the driver a sawbuck so I know who got the money. But all these fucking apps are trying to make it seem like I should be tipping a percentage of the food order which seems kind of whack to me. A person delivering $100 worth of food is not doing twice as much work as a person delivering $50 worth of food.


I got some groceries delivered to my mother today and tipped $5 on $36 order for delivery, but who is getting that money? The person that grabbed the stuff off the shelves, the driver, Amazon/Whole Foods?

What are y’all doing with tipping delivery drivers these days? Are you tipping a percentage of the order, do you generally go with a flat number, do you tip differently for grocery delivery, and are you tipping more these days? Does tipping through an app change your thinking?

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