white gets dirty... like easy. Never fear they are well coated in wax prior to the dirtifications, this will all wash off easily. Added bonus: easier fingerprinting should someone attempt to make off with my custom wheels!

did you know: if you want to do the v5 hood you also need to do v5 lights and centre grill?

Pictured here are my 95 lights, 95 hood, 95 centre grill

and for comparison here is the same grill and hood with 98 lights, note the change in the curvature of the top of the headlights (not just an issue with the hood not closed all the way) and the angle on the insides. My friend's '98 outback sport is in my garage for some serious clutch issues so I thought I'd take advantage of his parts to determine what I need for continuing to update the looks on my beastie. This only really furthers my resolve to modify my existing hood with a legacy scoop rather than the standard route of outback/RS hood swap.


hey look who stopped by just across the road! I considered theivery, but suspected I would be found out when they found it parked 100 ft from where it was stoled